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General Product Care Instructions

Did you just purchase one of my many custom handmade book items?

Yay! First, Let me thank you for supporting my dream and the work I do.

I am truly grateful and appreciative! 

On this page you will find the care instructions needed to take care of your purchase. 

Screen Printed Items

  • Turn garment inside out

  • machine wash cold




  • Tumble dry low

Tiny Replica Items

  • Shower: Remove before to avoid chemicals in products.

  • WATER: do not get wet, even though this product is sealed for extra protection it’s important to remember this is still a paper product and should be handled as such to avoid damage. 

  • (This is important to remember for any Tiny Book purchases before est. May 2023, any tiny books after May 2023 are resin casted as a seal protectant and are more durable in water. It is still to note that they are still handmade with high quality artist paper and should be treated as such.)

  • Sleep: Remove before sleep to prevent breakage.

  • Sprays: Apply lotions and perfumes before accessory.

  • Heat: Do not leave in or expose to extreme heat.

  • ENJOY!


  • Reference Soap Care and Ingredients - Found under HOME tab.

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